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About Tooth Extractions

Although MINT dentistry's team of board-certified professionals make every effort to save and preserve your natural teeth, there are cases where a tooth or teeth may need to be extracted. Simple extractions remove a tooth that has erupted from the gums. Simple extractions are typically performed for a decayed or damaged tooth that cannot be repaired. Surgical extractions remove one or more teeth that have not erupted above the gumline. Extractions using the surgical technique are most often performed to remove impacted teeth, like your wisdom teeth, that cannot fit comfortably in your bite. No matter the reason for your need for a tooth extraction, our experienced team will provide the care you need. MINT dentistry in Las Colinas, TX offers different sedation techniques, such as oral conscious sedation and nitrous oxide gas, to help keep you calm and comfortable throughout the extraction process. Contact MINT dentistry in Las Colinas, TX to get more information or to schedule a consultation and oral exam that will help us decide if you need a simple or surgical dental extraction.

Best Candidates

When a tooth or teeth have been broken or damaged from decay, our dental team will make every effort to repair it with treatments like a crown, dental bonding, or filling. However, if these treatments cannot successfully save the tooth, the tooth may need to be extracted. You may also need a dental extraction to remove a tooth or teeth that do not have enough space to fit correctly in your smile. This is why most people need an extraction for their third molars, popularly known as wisdom teeth, that begin to erupt from the gumline in the late teen years. At a certain point, baby teeth that have not fallen out on their own may need to be pulled so they don't block the permanent teeth. Before you get an orthodontic treatment (for example, Invisalign® or braces), you may need a tooth pulled to create space as your teeth move into their proper position.

What to Expect

Extraction procedures are completed in our advanced practice with anesthesia to offer supreme comfort while your tooth or teeth are being removed. The form of sedation used depends on the complexity of your treatment plan and whether you have any dental anxieties. Before the extraction is initiated, we will give you time to settle into a massaging treatment chair in one of our well-appointed procedure rooms. Once you're prepped, your team will start the procedure. In a simple extraction, your dentist will use advanced tools and techniques to carefully remove the tooth or teeth. Surgical extractions will start when your dentist makes an incision through your gums to reach the tooth. In some cases, your dentist will break the tooth into several pieces, so it can be removed more easily. When the tooth or teeth are extracted, your dentist will close the incision in your gums.

Treatment Aftercare

Depending on the method of sedation used for your extraction, you might need to arrange for a ride to take you home. A MINT dentistry professional will give you aftercare instructions, including things to avoid during your recovery. The instructions will be different depending on the technique used for your extraction; however, you may prefer to stick to a liquid or soft food diet for at least a few days. Your mouth may be swollen after the extraction, which can be treated with over-the-counter pain medication and cold compresses. In some cases, your dentist will prescribe antibiotics or pain medication. Along with any recommended appointments for check-ups, you should keep scheduling dental exams and cleanings at our office in Las Colinas, TX, so we can monitor your oral health after an extraction.

The MINT Commitment

A tooth extraction is usually covered partially if you have dental insurance, but different sedation methods may or may not be fully covered. Before your procedure, our team will contact your insurance provider to determine your policy coverage and then calculate your remaining bill. If you do not have dental insurance, our support staff can explain how you can more easily afford your dental care with our MINT Discount Plan, medical financing, and taking multiple methods of payment. Speak with our team to get more information on your different options.

Comprehensive Care

Whether your tooth is damaged or there's not enough room in your bite for another tooth, an extraction by a board-certified MINT dentistry professional can help improve your oral health and smile. Schedule an appointment with a member of the MINT dentistry team at our beautiful practice in Las Colinas, TX to get more information on surgical and simple dental extractions for one or more teeth. If you have dental anxieties or fears, ask about sedation options to help you remain comfortable throughout your procedure.

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