Beautify The Appearance of Your Teeth With Expert Bleaching Sessions

benefits of teeth whitening

The majority of people want an amazing smile. As a step toward obtaining this goal, many are receiving professional teeth whitening. In-office teeth whitening is a common aesthetic dental method because of its various advantages beyond brighter smiles. Over-the-counter tooth whitening solutions just cannot compare to the glowing and longer-term outcomes of professional teeth whitening.

Customized Treatments And Results

Usually, in elective dentistry, a one-size-fits-all process will not work for each unique case. Individuals' wants can be quite diverse. Dental practitioners use their training and experience while looking over teeth to determine the source of any discoloration.

Further, the dentist will discuss any previous and future aesthetic dentistry procedures or repairs you want to pursue that could impact your gorgeous end result. For example, it could be sensible to wait before getting new crowns and porcelain veneers. This will enable the dentist to construct crowns and veneers that match the shade of your newly whitened, beautiful teeth. Dental bleaching is a bit harder for those who have veneers or crowns. Because whitening treatments cannot eliminate stains on dental restorations, it could be necessary for your dental practitioner to use numerous techniques to guarantee that all of your teeth have the same color.

Based on your initial evaluation, the dentist will establish an individualized whitening process that is suitable for you. The dentist will also determine the approximate number of whitening treatments required to achieve your most beautiful outcomes.

Professional-Strength Teeth Bleaching Products

Store-bought teeth whitening systems typically have a minimal degree of whitening agents compared to whitening systems utilized for in-office teeth whitening. Also, burdensome tooth trays and uncomfortable gel applicators might result in inconsistent results and commonly only whiten teeth one shade per use. Before an in-office teeth whitening treatment, patients can identify the precise color of whiteness they wish to achieve.

At MINT dentistry in Las Colinas, our group provides brief laser teeth whitening treatments using a system called ZOOM for Las Colinas, TX locals. ZOOM incorporates an exclusive hydrogen peroxide-based gel that is administered to each tooth individually. The unique gel is stimulated by a laser, which goes through the tooth and enhances the dingey enamel. This technique should whiten your teeth up to 6 – 10 shades. Most dentists recommend that people who receive laser teeth whitening treatments have professional cleanings two times annually. A professional cleaning will help remove new difficult stains and ensure your teeth continue to be healthy.

Avoid Tooth Sensitivity

Often, patients who utilize over-the-counter teeth whitening solutions may suffer from tooth sensitivity after a few treatments. This could arise when the hydrogen peroxide goes through the enamel of the teeth or when they use whitening kits with poorly sized application devices that aggravate the gums and lips. The trained dental professionals at MINT dentistry in Las Colinas take careful steps to avoid these problems.

In a ZOOM laser whitening session in our Las Colinas, TX facility, the gums and lips are shielded to make sure that the whitening agents contact only the teeth. Next, your dentist will administer the bleaching gel to every individual tooth. To cover the sensitive eyes from the light from the laser, patients receive protective glasses. Even though the procedure is painless for virtually all people, an anesthetic may be arranged to lessen any worry or to relax the gag reflex.

Safer, Faster Treatments

While at-home bleaching gels mostly do not result in health issues for many people, numerous attempts to whiten and enhance teeth without direction from a dental professional might create increased tooth pain from sensitivity to extreme temperatures. Because it might take several weeks or possibly months to attain clear effects with over-the-counter tooth bleaching kits, for example, strips, toothpaste, or gels, discomfort might become a problem. Certain products might fail entirely to generate a glowing smile. Professional teeth bleaching treatments are conducted by dentists to make individuals feel comfortable and ensure that the gum tissue and tooth enamel are safe during the whitening process.

Enduring Outcomes

In addition to the multiple other advantages of professional teeth whitening treatments, their effects are visible much longer in comparison to store-bought tooth whitening kits. Right after a whitening treatment and for at least 24 hours, we advise patients to refrain from eating and drinking any dark-colored foods, such as tomato sauce, and drinks, such as dark juices. Further, whenever possible, ask for a paper straw for beverages that could tarnish the teeth.

Following their ZOOM laser teeth whitening treatment, patients get an at-home kit that has the whitening gel and tailor-made trays. These products should be applied around twice a year to help sustain the healthier appearance of your teeth. At MINT dentistry in Las Colinas, our group advises practicing appropriate oral hygiene habits by regularly brushing and flossing any time you have a meal and before bedtime.

Elevated Self-Assurance and Attitude

Professionally bleached teeth should provide more than just a sexy smile. Men and women have elevated self-confidence following their teeth whitening, which allows them to grow progressively more sociable and perform stronger in professional contexts and in important social functions. Whiter teeth will often also erase years off of your face, making you seem younger.

Work With Your Dentist to Enhance the Sexiness of Your Smile

The awesome results afforded by in-office teeth bleaching treatments such as ZOOM and a few others are incomparable in their abilities to noticeably transform a person's look and simultaneously boost confidence. We want you to contact MINT dentistry in Las Colinas and schedule a consultation with our skilled Las Colinas, TX aesthetic dental practitioners, who will help you in attaining a truly dazzling smile.

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